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 • Computer and Laptop Repair
 • Tablets
 • Screen repair
 • Improve your computer or laptop performance
 • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
 • Broadband and Wireless Troubleshooting
 • Data Recovery

We can repair almost any laptop problem, ranging from a damaged screen till missing keyboard keys, software errors, faulty hard drives, overheating due to fan problems or damaged power adaptor.
If you've had liquid spillage over the laptop or if you've dropped it, or damaged it in some way, act quickly, call us. The chances are we'll be able to fix it and save your data.
Why call us with your laptop problem?
Although we repair most types of computers, the majority of repairs these days are to laptops, as a result of this, we do get to see a lot of laptops, and we keep stock of many, commonly used components that often fail and cause problems. Our engineers are experienced in laptop repairs and can fix them quickly, so if you're having any problems with your portable - give us a call.

We can:
 • Repair your laptop
 • Replace the battery
 • Replace the power adapter
 • Remove viruses and malware
 • Salvage data
 • Replace the hard drive
 • Restore your software
 • Computer shows a blue screen
 • Recovery of lost Data
 • Computer won't boot, partition issues
 • Network Setup & Troubleshoot
 • Windows locked, lost Password
 • Computer won't start at all
 • Computer shutting down
 • PC not responding, freezing, crashing,
 • Hardware Installation & Upgrade
 • Software Installation & Upgrade
 • Virus, worm and spyware infections
 • Overheating problems, cooling solutions
 • Computer is very slow
 • Laptop Screen Replacement
 • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
 • Laptop Power Socket Repair
 • Common computer problems and solutions

Many computer problems can be resolved fairly easily and quickly without the need of professional assistance. As with anything, it is good housekeeping that keeps your computer running fast and smooth. When it does behave in unusual ways there are some simple checks you can run through before calling for help.
You can click on one of our link below to go directly to the relevant information; some of them will open a page on our blog where we gave more detailed data.

Our Guarantees:
 • Free Advice
 • Customer satisfaction
 • Prompt service
 • Full Client data confidentiality
 • Costs are agreed up front