AIKOTECH Just turn it ON


We strive to make products available, that will either enhance your lifestyle, or add a new level of enjoyment to your daily routine. Our products are designed to be efficient, attractive and practical, and what's more they are available at affordable prices.

We are a fairly new brand, having offered refurbished and new budget products to the UK market. Our current focus is:
Provide full support service for tablets (software, hardware)
Expanding our range of products
Improving our products and continue to release the perfect fusion of technology at price point.
The latest generation of high performance mobile Internet devices, this is family-friendly and will keep you thoroughly entertained.
Using Android OS, with full Flash Movie support, our tablets redefines the boundaries of portable processing power and brings faster and more stylish interactivity to your lifestyle. With an amazing high resolution IPS screen with 5 or 10 point capacitive multi-touch control, users can benefit from accurate touch typing and multi-digit gesture controls. It also includes a Micro SD card slot, HDMI, Bluetooth and a host with other features.